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Tinted Sunglasses

The stunning tinted glasses are the must-have essential in every fashionista’s accessory closet. These types of sunglasses are solely designed to add a touch of cool and glamour to your outfit and your appearance. At Woggles, a wide assortment of tinted sunglasses are available in premium quality & affordable prices. Explore, and buy your most liked tinted glasses from Woggles online.


Why do people wear tinted sunglasses?

People wear tinted sunglasses to reduce glare and brightness, improve visual comfort, and enhance contrast. Tinted lenses also provide protection against harmful UV rays, making them a popular choice for outdoor activities and sun exposure.

What is the best tint percentage for sunglasses?

The best tint percentage for sunglasses varies depending on personal preference and intended use. Generally, a tint percentage between 10% and 30% provides optimal balance between glare reduction and visual clarity, while still allowing sufficient light transmission for most lighting conditions.

Do tinted glasses work as sunglasses?

Tinted glasses can provide some level of sun protection by reducing brightness and blocking certain wavelengths of light.

Are sunglasses tinted or polarized?

Sunglasses can be tinted, polarized, or both. Tinted sunglasses refer to lenses that are colored to reduce brightness and glare, while polarized sunglasses have an additional filter that selectively blocks reflected light, reducing glare from surfaces such as water or snow.